Meridian Biologix Blends & Singles Essential Oils

Kamwo offers a wide selection of Quality Essential oils. The Meridian Biologix line offers essential oil Blends based on Chinese medicine pattern diagnosis, and a variety of Single oils to blend your own creations or to use as is.

Our Meridian Biologix line of essential oils are a great addition to acupuncture or massage, or as a stand-alone therapy. Made from organic and wild crafted materials, our essential oils are U.S. independent laboratory tested for purity.

  • Certified Organic Essential Oils

  • Independent Laboratory Tested

  • Easy to apply in clinical practice

  • Convenient for home care



  • Our manufacturer's Quality Control department verifies each oil, testing for adulteration, checking refractive index, specific gravity, color, odor, and other markers. Our goal is to ensure consistency, giving you the quality.


  • Our manufacturer's Vendor Qualification Program assures our customers of source quality and purity. Our sources span the globe in over 30 countries. Each must submit documentation outlining product specifications, labeling standards and container compliance for every product to satisfy our uncompromising standards for pure, consistent, and reliable essential oils. Our vendors share our commitment to producing only the highest quality ingredients.

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Meridian Biologix BLENDS

Inspired by over 15 years of practice and a decade of teaching of essential oils by Marc J. Gian, L. Ac LMT
Essential oils and potent therapies that are easily used in acupuncture practice. In just about any case essential oils can be beneficial. One of the virtues of using essential oils is that the spirit and functions correlate to specific acupuncture points. Also, aromas have a direct relationship with our shen/mind leading to more of a holistic and fulfilling treatment for our patients.


  • Essential Oils Blends linked to specific TCM Diagnosis

  • Simple to Apply in Clinical Practice

  • Designed to use during treatments and offer to patients for home care use




+ About Marc J. Gian

Marc J. Gian, L. Ac, LMT, is a distinct practitioner of the healing arts with fifteen years of experience. Most recently, he is the Author of Holistic Aromatherapy - practical self -healing with essential oils. Marc, has developed an Essential Oils course at The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City. Aside from being a clinic supervisor at the college, he has a private practice in New York City, which focuses on Acupuncture, Massage, and Aromatherapy and Mind - Body Integration techniques. Marc teaches Marc teaches NCCAOM-approved seminars on Essential Oils. As well, he holds private workshops on Mind-Body Medicine, Dreamwork and Human Energetics. Purchase E-script or Kamwo Online Store

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Meridian Biologix Singles


Pure, consistent, and reliable essential oils.
Kamwo Biologix Singles are premium oils. With over 40 selections, Kamwo Meridan Herbs supplies customers with a solid source of purity and quality now and for years to come. 

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“I have been using Meridian Biologix essential oil blends for quite some time now. The quality is second to none and the training I received from Marc on how to apply them also one of a kind.

 I love that each blend is unique and created based on Chinese Medicine patterns. I enjoy using them to enhance acupuncture and massage therapy sessions alike. 

A favorite blend to use, especially in the hustle and bustle of NYC is the Relax Constraint blend. Light, airy and calming, patients feel like a weight has been lifted after their treatment and they love the lingering smell of the oils, reminding them to stay relaxed! Aside from Marc’s blends, I also love experimenting with the single oils to create additional, personalized blends for my patients.”

- Daryl Thuroff, DACM, L.Ac, LMT