Kamwo Meridian Herb's Dermcare Line

Modern Formulations of Traditional Remedies

  • Formulas derived from Dr. Leung’s research and clinical experience over the past 40 years.
  • A special synthesis of Chinese herbs and modern ointment bases that allows each formula to more effectively penetrate the skin and reach the affected area.
  • Carefully tailored formulas to successfully treat stubborn skin conditions. All formulas have active ingredients of Chinese medicine origins and are steroid-free.

Powered by Chinese herbs, and never containing steroids, the DermCare line has natural options for many common skin conditions, including eczema, psoriasis, acne, shingles rash, vitiligo, and more!

+ About Dr.Leung

About Dr. Carl Shan Leung, OMD:

Dr. Carl Shan Leung founded Kamwo as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) apothecary in New York’s Chinatown in 1973. He has dedicated his life’s work to the study and practice of TCM, with a special focus on dermatology. Over the past 40 years, Dr. Leung has developed an effective line of products for treating some of the most common dermatological conditions. He was recognized for his scholastic achievement in the area of topical medicinals by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Dermatology Institute in Nanjing. He is the author of many books on Chinese medicine published by the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the Beijing Union Medical College in China.

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alt textAngelica Foot Repair Cream

This specially formulated foot therapy cream targets stubbornly dry and cracked skin and heels. Formulated with Angelica Root, prized in Chinese herbal medicine for its invigorating and moistening benefits, Evening Primrose rectifies scaly rough patches and itchiness, and Macadamia Oil to lock in these nutritive elements to keep feet soft and refreshed. This is the by far the most advanced foot repair cream on the market.

alt textCamellia Stretch Mark Cream

This is the perfect formulation to prevent or minimize stretch marks associated with pregnancy and weight loss. It pairs Camellia Oil and Shea Butter, which have long been used to prevent stretch marks in Asian and Western cultures respectively. This combination is further enhanced with the reparative properties of Collagen, Elastin, and Vitamin E. This advanced formula combines the finest ingredients from the Old and New World.

alt textReishi Hand Cream

A nourishing and deeply penetrating formula to renew chapped and cracked skin and protect from weather and frequent washing. Long considered an herb of longevity, Reishi mushrooms have long been recognized for their anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties in Japan and China. This hand cream combines the purest extract of Reishi with the super-moisturizing nature of Jojoba oil. Together they erase fine lines and reduced redness while alleviating chapped skin, everything your skin needs to repair and renew. Further reinforced with Macadamia oil and Vitamin E, this potent formula penetrates deeply and stays locked in to continue protection through frequent hand washing.

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Your “go to” post-workout blend to encourage circulation and promote the healing of overstressed muscles. Invigorating herbs Frankincense, Myrrh and Szechuan Lovage Root work with warming Cinnamon Bark and Angelica Root to repair and renew.


The perfect blend for a stimulating pre-event massage or to awaken and revive the mind and body. This revitalizing blend of Black Pepper Oil, Angelica Root, and Citron Peel is specifically formulated to warm the muscles while invigorating the senses.


This refreshing oil penetrates deeply to relax tense muscles and counter exhaustion caused by physical, mental or emotional stress. The aromatic actions of Mint Leaf, Chrysanthemum Flower and Citron Peel leave you cool, calm, collected and ready for a new day.


A peaceful mind and body prevents the inappropriate release of stress hormones like cortisol which disrupts immunity, digestion, reproduction and growth. Serenity takes you there with the soft blend of Patchouli, Fennel and Aged Tangerine Peel.

Gua Sha & Cupping

A concentrated blend of prized Tibetan Saffron and Frankincense Resin, a pairing used for centuries in martial arts and injury recovery formulas. A dynamic combination with White Cardamom and Wintergreen oil to open the channels and relieve obstruction.

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Indicated for the symptoms associated with Acne vulgaris for smooth, even, blemish-free skin.

  • Contains: huang qin, lian qiao, huang lian, zi hua di ding, liu huang, salicyclic acid 1%

Eczemacare - A

Indicated for management of symptoms associated with acute stage damp-heat on the skin to control redness and itching.

  • Contains: jin yin hua, ma chi xian, huang bai, di yu, gan cao

Eczemacare - C

Indicated for management of symptoms associated with chronic stage eczema. Affected areas may commonly present with thickening of the skin (lichen-like) with distinctive borders, and darkening of color.

  • Contains: xi da ku, fei yang cao, di yu, gan cao, coal tar solution

Eczemacare - Jr.

An all natural steroid-free remedy for symptoms associated with Childhood Eczema to gently and effectively control redness and itching.

  • Contains: concentrated extract of gan cao, fei yang cao, liu hui

Herbalmine Lotion

An all natural lotion indicated for Damp heat manifestations on the skin. To soothe and protect the skin following minor skin irritations including poison ivy and poison oak.

  • Contains: Concentrated extract of Long Dan Cao, Huang Bai, Ma Chi Xian, Zinc Oxide, Menthol Crystals

Nail Fungistat Liquid

A natural remedy to resolve thickened, scaling and yellowed nails. Use consistently to eradicate the unsightly and irritating symptoms of nail fungus infection.

  • Contains: Concentrated Vinegar, Huo Xiang, Ku Lian Pi, Yi Zhi Huang Hua, Tu Jin Pi.

Psoriacare - A

Indicated for management of symptoms associated with psoriasis vulgaris to control the irritation, itching and redness of acute flare-up.

  • Contains: Qing Dai, Ku Shen, Gan Cao, Zinc Oxide

Psoriacare - C

Indicated for management of symptoms associated with psoriasis vulgaris to control the skin thickening and plaques of chronic presentation.

  • Contains: Tu Jin Pi, Bai Bu, Niu Xi Xi, Gan Cao, Coal Tar Solution

Modified Purple Cloud Cream (Zi Yun Gao)

Based on the famous TCM formulation Purple Cloud Cream, our modified version is indicated for Damp-Heat Toxin manifesting on the skin as irritations and inflammation.

  • Contains: Hong Zi Cao, Dang Gui, Huang Qin


Indicated for symptoms associated with chronic, non-healing skin ulcerations. Applicable for patients who are bed-ridden, immobile or with poor circulation and prone to sores.

  • Contains: San Qi, Bai Ji, Di Yu, Dan Shen, Ma Chi Xian


Indicated for the symptoms associated with Herpes Zoster (shingles). To assist the body in clearing Heat Toxin from the skin and shorten the episode for quicker resolution of pain.

  • Contains: Fu Rong Ye, Ma Chi Xian, Da Qing Ye, Zhi Xue Cao

TCM Fungistat

Indicated for management of symptoms associated with tinea fungal infections with conditions such as athletes’ foot, ringworms, and jock-itch.

  • Contains: Concentrated Extract of Tu Jin Pi, Bai Bu, Huo Xiang, Salicyclic Acid

Shiunko Cream

Provides a barrier on the skin while using direct moxa or to remedy minor skin irritations such as sunburns, cracked skin, chapped lips or hemorroids.

  • Contains: Zi Gen, Dang Gui, Cream Base Sesame Oil, and Beeswax

Vitiligo Support Solution

Indicated for the topical treatment of the depigmentation associated with vitiligo.

  • Contains: Psoralea Fruit 15% extract in alcohol solution

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