herbal dispensary management system


HDMS is software for your school

dispensary that provides superior

record keeping, tracks inventory and

user activity and minimizes human error

in dispensing herb formulas.

Keep your dispensary accurate, safe, and FDA compliant! Find out more information here.

Kamwo’s herbal dispensary system (HDMS) guarantees FDA cGMP requirements are met thru computer integration with a barcode scanner and an electronic scale. At Kamwo, we rely on HDMS to demonstrate cGMP compliance during FDA inspections.  Our academic institutions, such as Pacific College rely on HDMS to meet AACOM Certification standards.

HDMS ensures FDA cGMP requirements that can only be achieved with computer automation during the granule compounding process. Specifically, FDA cGMP regulations stipulate that a facility must have Operating Procedures that 'prevent instances of contamination, mix-ups, deviations, failures, and errors'

Contamination - On suspicion of prescription contamination, your dispensary must have the ability to retrieve product dispensing history (by brand and lot identification) to lookup product Certificate Of Analysis.

Mix-ups - Verify that the correct Granule ingredients is/are dispensed in prescriptions

Deviations - Verify prescription dosage weights is/are dispensed (within acceptable ranges)

Failures & Errors - On any type of failures (i.e. product recall or operation mistakes),  your dispensary must have the ability to quickly notify patients who received the products (product recall can only be done through product lot identification tracking)

It is almost impossible to achieve these requirements without computer-assisted automation in a dispensary Granule Compounding Process.


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