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Intro to Essential Oils distilled from Flowers  By: Marc Gian

For  Acupuncturist and Massage Therapists essential oils distilled from flowers have many benefits, especially when working with the Shen as they serve to calm the mind and soften the mood. Florals are often used to nourish yin and blood, calm the shen, soothe the skin and increase receptivity to healing and even sensuality. They are going cool and nourish excess an excess Fire element - meaning they help in cooling the Heart and are asset for symptoms of anxiety, restlessness and insomnia and focus. Although metaphorical, it is import to take a look at the meaning of a flower. Flowers symbolize grace, love and new beginnings. As they correspond to the Heart they are going to be beneficial for clients that are working on forgiveness and love.

The Practical Herbalist #04: Qing Hao in the Clinic By: Andrew Nugent-Head

One of the issues of the current study of herbs is that many people are using formulas without understanding the Shen Nong Ben Cao Upper—Middle—Lower categorization of the herbs within the formula—all the while pontificating about the dangers of using Lower Herbs when they are unintentionally prescribing them for long periods in pill format. Of the more common occurrences of this are Da Huang, Ban Xia, Lian Qiao, Jie Geng, Xing Ren and Qing Hao. Recently the poster child for acceptance of Chinese herbs in modern science due to a recent Nobel Prize for its use in treating malaria, Qing Hao happens to be a lower herb in the Shen Nong Ben Cao and one of the more important ‘treat diseases’ herbs I use in the clinic.

Essential Oils And Chinese Medicine By: Marc Gian

The use of essential oils continues to be gain popularity. Many people are finding the use of essential oils and aromatherapy are beneficial to uplift their mood, increase depth of respiration and prevent symptoms of common colds. Individuals are becoming more conscious of the importance, even necessity, of using natural remedies for healing and quality of life.