Increasing the value of your herbal prescription


Have you come across the term Custom Rx Labeling (CRL) Available on your Escript account and wonder what it is?  It is a powerful tool within Escript that can enhance the value of your prescription choice, increase compliance and ensures the safety and efficacy of products while providing transparency.  

As practitioners, we often request the pharmacy to dispense unmodified traditional formulas that are readily available with a manufacturer label.  The pros are that there’s little work involved, it is a ready-made formula available for your patient with manufacturer instructions. However, there are several cons to this approach which may make you reconsider this option. 

Perceived Value: a product with a manufacturer label is often perceived as an over the counter or “off the shelf” product, likened to an OTC pain reliever. Thus it does not have the same perceived value as a custom-made formula specially designed for the patient’s specific presentation.  This perception often diminishes the value of the practitioner’s effort and choice.  

When a patient receives an OTC prescription, it often leaves much room for interpretation and often leads to patients shopping your OTC choice elsewhere. 

Kamwo offers Custom Rx Labeling for a myriad of good reasons, some of which include: protecting your patient, adding value and depth to your formula and building patient compliance. 

Custom order Rx labels include all pertinent practitioner and patient information, instructions, dosing and expiration, and the choice to add individual ingredients on the label. Custom Rx labels allow you the ability to label formula names as you see fit, whether that is identifying the patient's name or simply stating what the formula is for, i.e. Gabrielle’s allergy formula. 

In a world of readily available prescriptions on the marketplace, questionable quality sourcing and faux herbal prescriptions it is important to protect patients from sourcing outside of their practitioner. Being able to add a customized formula name ensures that patients will come to you for their herbal prescriptions. While we are always advocating for full transparency within a patient/practitioner relationship, we must protect our patients from ordering from sources that might not have the high standards of quality control that Kamwo offers. 

While protecting quality control is always a top priority, patient retention is just as important for practitioners. A custom label is another way to show how much dedication you have toward your patient. Taking a few extra steps to give a descriptive formula name can help the patient to know that their formula is in direct alignment with their chief complaint, whether this is a branch or root formula. 

In alignment with quality control and patient retention, it is patient compliance. As practitioners know and have probably experienced themselves, taking herbal formulas consistently can be hard to manage. A custom label can become a constant reminder for the patient to be compliant in taking their herbs. Knowing a practitioner has taken the time to seek out or modify a prescription fit for a patient's chief complaint, adds a sense of obligation toward the prescription. 

Overall, custom Rx labeling is not just an added benefit we offer through escript but an important feature in building patient/practitioner relationship.