Intro to Essential Oils distilled from Flowers  By: Marc Gian


For  Acupuncturist and Massage Therapists essential oils distilled from flowers have many benefits, especially when working with the Shen as they serve to calm the mind and soften the mood. Florals are often used to nourish yin and blood, calm the shen, soothe the skin and increase receptivity to healing and even sensuality. They are going cool and nourish excess an excess Fire element - meaning they help in cooling the Heart and are asset for symptoms of anxiety, restlessness and insomnia and focus. Although metaphorical, it is import to take a look at the meaning of a flower. Flowers symbolize grace, love and new beginnings. As they correspond to the Heart they are going to be beneficial for clients that are working on forgiveness and love.

These cooling and fragrant oils, such as Rose, Neroli and Jasmine are often the most precious and expensive. These oils take the most care in picking and distilling. Additionally, there is very little yield that comes from the flower. In other words, it takes an abundance of the flower to create a substantial amount of oil.

Although, florals are mostly associated with the Heart, they also serve other meridian/organ systems. For example, Neroli has affinities to the Heart and the Spleen and is an asset when anxiety is accompanied by digestive issues such as loose stools. Neroli has the function to Tonify the Spleen Qi and Nourish Heart Blood. Therefore, Neroli is recommended for students with such symptoms due to test anxiety. Often it is blended with Fennel to assist in the strengthening of the Spleen and can be found in the Meridian Biologix blend Return to Center. Neroli is often used on points such as Ren 17. Ren 12, St 36 and Sp 3.

Another example is Roman Chamomile, this oil is has affinities to the Heart, Spleen and Liver. Roman Chamomile is the premier oil to use when there are symptoms of Liver overacting on the Spleen and symptoms of Liver fire. Lavender is often used with Roman Chamomile for symptoms of Heart and Liver Fire as well as Liver overacting on the Spleen, The points used for Roman Chamomile include, Ren 17, Ren 12, LI 4, LV 3 Sp 3. Roman Chamomile is found in Meridian Biologix blends such as Night Journey, Cultivate Substance, and Relax Constraint. 

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