Peppermint: Releasing the Exterior and Spreading Qi By: Marc Gian


Peppermint is a well-known and loved scent, commonly used for it’s soothing and uplifting effects. Peppermint is great for those that that desire to feel more awake and refreshed- and is great for those that struggle with damp conditions causing foggy headedness and inability to focus.

Peppermint is associated with the outward and spreading movements. 

Peppermint grows low to the ground and spreads outward rapidly. By the doctrine of signatures, this demonstrates Peppermint’s power to spread and direct Qi outward. It grows quick and easily and its roots are not deep. This shallow root system informs us that Peppermint is a top note that acts primarily on the Wei level -- the superficial space between the skin and muscles. This also shares with us that it is most beneficial for acute symptoms.

As a cooling top note, Peppermint has an affinity to the lungs and is one of the most beneficial oils to Release Exterior Wind-Heat, aka the common cold and is often blended with oils such as Eucalyptus, Basil and Tea tree. Peppermint assists this dispersion and release of energy by ensuring that a pathogen is expressed outward and does not penetrate deeper into the body.

It is especially effective at relieving symptoms associated with rhinitis and nasal congestion. For this purpose,  A 4% dilution can be placed on LI 20 to open up the nasal passages. It can also be placed on a tissue on a chair below the face cradle for while your client is prone to keep the nasal passages open.

Peppermint can also be applied  on Li 4 and Lv 3 to open the 4 gates to Promote the Movement of Qi. It is often used in blends as an assistant in blends with such oils as to such oils such as Rosemary, Lavender and Lemongrass to Promote the movement of Liver QI.

Along with its ability to Release the Exterior and spread Qi it has analgesic properties which make it a premier oil to use on acute neck pain. For this a 4% concentration of Peppermint can be used - or you can apply the Cool Passage blend from Meridian Biologix. Meridian Biologix blends that contain Peppermint include Joint Comfort, Outer Defense, Cool Passage, Relax Constraint and Rectify Borders.


When a client is prone, one drop of oil can be placed on a tissue beneath the face to prevent nasal congestion, aiding in a more comfortable session. Topically, to release the exterior, Peppermint is applied in circular and outward strokes with light to medium pressure.  

Here is Video from the Webinar Series with More Info on Peppermint and Chinese Medicine