The Roots of TCM in Depression Treatment

"Yi Jing Bian Qi Lun" ("On the Therapy of Transferring Thought and Spirit"): Yellow asked, "I am told that in ancient times, when a physician treated a disease, he only transferred the patient's thought and spirit to sever the source of the disease. In nowadays, the patient is treated with drugs internally and acupuncture externally. Nevertheless, some of the diseases are cured, but some of them cannot be cured and why is it so?" Qibo answered, "In ancient times, people lived in the cave of the wilderness surrounded with birds and beasts, they drove away the coldness by motion of themselves, and evaded the hot summer by living in the shade. They had no burden in heart in admiring the fame and gain, and had no fatigue in the body for seeking a high position, thus, one can hardly be invaded by exogenous evil in this calm and plain environment. So, when one contracted disease, both drugs for curing inside and acupuncture for curing outside were not necessary, but only transferred the patients emotion and spirit to sever the source of the disease would be enough.