All raw herb orders have the option to be vacuum packed

Vacuum packing is an herb extraction technology originating in South Korea approximately 50 years ago. Today it is a primary choice for most Chinese hospitals, and commonly used by private practitioners in Europe and the US. The benefit of vacuum-packed extracts is that it retains the potency of the home cooking method and the choices afforded using raw herbs, while eliminating the need for the patient to be involved in the extraction process. This method also has the advantage of up to 30-35% higher extraction rates due to the increased pressure and boiling temperature achieved.

Vacuum packing utilizes raw herbs processed with filtered water in a closed decoction unit. Very few private practitioners own vacuum packing machinery and extract their own formulas. Most submit their prescriptions to a third-party dispensary like Kamwo for processing. Because the process is sealed, there is no loss of volatile oils. The result is packaged into single-serve pouches made of FDA approved, food safe materials, with no BPA or BPS. The introduction of the final decoction into the pouch is done with a minimal inclusion of air. This helps the final product remain shelf stable without the need for refrigeration. Vacuum packed teas can have a shelf life of 30 days without refrigeration and 60 days with refrigeration.

At Kamwo, we have been providing cooking and vacuum pack service for over 20 years. Our cooking and vacuum pack facility is registered with the FDA and we have the expertise and experience to produce the highest quality product every time.