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Koshi Balancing: Japanese Structural Alignment

 This course provides a Japanese derived concept of Structural Acupuncture as an integrated system of manual medicine. Theory and practice are derived from 5 different Japanese manual medicine and acupuncture styles: Shiatsu, Seitai Ho, Meridian Therapy (Keiraku Chiryo), and Seitai Shinpo Structural acupuncture and Sotai movement therapy. The theoretical and clinical focus of the course is organized around the Japanese Body-Mind concept of the “koshi” or the lumbar pelvic center. Meridian energetics are explained from classical texts but informed by contemporary anatomical understanding of fascia and fluid systems. Skilled palpatory skills based on channel palpation and osteopathic listening informs the general approach. Japanese styles of contact needling, superficial needling, and deep needle techniques are integrated with Japanese bodywork annual techniques, moxibustion, and movement therapy.

Earlier Event: June 24
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Later Event: August 11
Acupuncture and Manual Medicine